Monday, 30 November 2009

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Julia Trybala

I found this girl just now - Julia Trybala.
The detail in these is amazing!
I would love to see her work pasted up on the streets....
And I would love to be allowed to paint the walls in my house too!

MuTate Britain for X-mas!

Oh yessss...... The foot is back in the Grove!

The Cristmas show starts on December 4th.
More details here.

New me



This is going to take some getting used to......
If you have an opinion please do let me know what it is.


Pictures from Cobrasnake.

My hair didn't turn out as good as imagined it to....
So off to the hairdresser's tomorrow!

Saturday, 28 November 2009


So I'm colouring my hair tonight and I must admit I'm really nervous....
I've been blonde for ever and so I'm curious how it'd feel to be a brunette!
The good thing about it is that it's easy to go back to blonde again if I don't like it.

I'm doing the colour to the right.
Next colour is going to be the one to the left!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Painting Hera

Hera for the German elections.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Head here for more recent work from the studio: Sioux

Lick it good

For all you sweet fashionistas....
Bite me.

Jasper Goodall

From the show Poster Girl by Jasper Goodall.

"I was asked by Electric Blue Gallery in early 2009 if I would have a show of my work at their East London gallery. At the time I was playing with ideas of combining photography with illustration by creating fantastical bodies printed as posters and held up by a model. The Electric Blue show became the catalyst to bring this work together and so 'Poster Girls' was born... "

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


And my favourite book...... Singoalla.
About the Swedish prince falling in love with the gypsy girl.
By Victor Rydberg.
Image by Carl Larsson.

I wish I was more like one.
But at ours, I'm the indian and my man is the gypsy!
My gitan......