Monday, 31 May 2010

Studio 5.31.10

For the first time I tried my hand on photo realistic painting with my cans and I must admit I'm impressed with myself.
The girl may not be in the correct proportions or in any way perfect, but I'm in love with her...
More in the gallery.

Crystal Thomas

Wouldn't mind having one of these on my wall...

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Cramp your style

4 from Unurth

Nick Walker in Bristol

Sam3 in Lisbon

Erick in Brussels

Os Gemeos + Blu in Lisbon

hate vs love

I don't like using the word hate, but.......

But you don't need any words - Blu says it so well:

However, one of the best things in the world is walking in the forest.
I found another wild one today.
This is where I recharge.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Tongue Kung Fu

A wicked Thursday night at Tongue Kung Fu.
Danced until sunrise - and what a beautiful morning that was.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Awesome track.
And the most beautiful video I've seen in a long time.


And if you want to see another stunning vid, check out the latest from Massive Attack, here on their blog.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tongue Kung Fu

Back from my big meeting. Will tell if it turns out positive.
Went back in to the studio to try and finish some stuff.
Didn't finish anything. Keep looking at the stuff and can't decide what to do next, if anything at all.

Now I'm gonna head out east for some good times!

Studio 5.26.10

Good day in the studio. Although I wish I had more time... got too cold in the end.
Maybe finish off what I started today, tomorrow. But tomorrow I'll also be running on a big meeting and then a big party.

Got some pasteup pieces finished however, they'll be hitting the streets sometime very soon!

And.... I've been twisting and turning about this flickr pro thingy..... Anyone with a spare pro-invite who's feeling generous..?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I've been seeing this yellow poster all over West London and got curious - is it art or an ad?
I took one home and did my research.
It turns out it is a mix between the two. The artist STATIC (whose helicopter has been seen glued up all around East London for a while now) is having his first solo exhibition at the Artrepublic gallery in Soho between May 28 and June 19th.

I'm back in the studio myself today, started my first big canvas.
See how it goes...

During the really hot days the last week, I haven't been able to work as my studio becomes a sauna!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Blackall Street

The other day, on another one of my walks, I came across Blackall Street near Old Street.
I got so damn excited...
It's full of street art - like a 'street gallery' - literally everywhere!
Definitely worth a walk-through if you're ever around.

Street Art Shoreditch - May 10

Some nice (new to me) pieces I came across on a walk through Shoreditch last week.

Images to Live By

Big ♥ to Images to Live By for featuring my bleeding hearts on her blog!
And thanks Xylo for letting me know :)

Very nice words....

Olympics 2012

I had a quick look-around at the soon-to-be-Olympic-fields in East London last week, and this is what I found...

Dodgier and dirtier than I expected..

I also found the old pumping station I was looking for.
It's as beautiful as I thought it would be but unfortunately no access...
Well....... there are plenty of places to get to the building, but the place is crowded with people as it is in some way still in use.

Personally I'm not very happy about London hosting the Olympics, I think it was a very bad time to throw this extravaganza on us. In good or in bad times.
I may want to escape London during the 'games' - it's crowded enough as it is.