Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Heygate Estate

I heard about the Heygate Estate a couple of days ago so I decided to head down and take a look....

Most interesting and spooky place ever!

I'm a pretty anxious person so I was scared shitless the whole time.
I kept worrying about running into someone in the staircases too, luckily I didn't.

The place is completely dead except for the odd junkies, another lonely photographer, couple of school kids, bunch of freestyle jumpers, a big dude with bulldog....

I also expected to see more graffiti seeing it's all open and abandoned, but there wasn't that much.
But some of them had obviously had the great idea of heading to the roof! I was going to do the same to watch the sunset, but as I said..... was a little too scared to climb to many stairs..... lame!

But I did do a little writing on the wall myself.
"we can walk and hold hands"

And although it's all shut closed to keep the squatters away, there're still the odd one open. Someone refused to leave.... Maybe this is why.

I found this site called 'Paint the Heygate' - calling for permission to paint the place before it gets demolished.
What a great idea!!

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Innocent said...

Braver than me.
Great photos.