Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Follow a dream

For those of you in London wishing to see the street work first hand, here's where you'll find some newly made outdoor pieces...

David Choe and DVS - Wenlock Road, N1

Charlie Isoe - Kean Street, WC2

Vhils - Oval Road, NW1, and Truman Brewery, E1

Paul Insect - Broadwick Street, W1, and Southwick Mews, W2

Mode 2 - Rathbone Place, W1

Keep an eye on this page for the locations of forthcoming interventions as soon as they're up. Search and enjoy!


"There’s not much space left for people to dream, you know, which is why you have to cut your own world and do your own thing. You have to find a way to commercially survive. But whatever you have to do don’t compromise yourself and you’ll be able to have some kind of freedom somewhere." --Mode2

Today I quit my job.

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