Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Student protests - second round

So I learnt that the students were protesting again today so I ran down after work to join them. This time it was still going by the time I got there.
I got up to the front but things were fairly peaceful.
But even though no one was making any more fuss than chanting, the police force decided to move us backwards and charged in. They were pushing us around like mad men and that's when everyone starts getting angry and want to fight back.
Then they brought in the horses..... I was almost stamped to the ground by these beasts! No mercy there.

When people started realising that the police wanted to lock us in on Whitehall, people started scattering all over the place and moved up to Trafalgar Square. After that everyone got a little mad - scattering garbage (or anything they could find), smashing up windows, and starting small fires on the roads.

I look forward to the 3rd round.


Black Ski Mask said...

nice! are you going again on the 9th?

mimi sioux said...

ah yes!! :)