Monday, 17 October 2011

The Minotaur @ Old Vic Tunnels

I went to Lazarides’ latest show The Minotaur at the Old Vic Tunnels last Friday and as I expected I was totally blown away! It’s the best gallery space with the best host, it can only be good. With the theme “Minotaurs”, different graffiti and street artists have created installations, videos, paintings and sculptures all around the tunnels and it’s a maze of amazement…

Only negative thing about the night was the michelin restaurant which a section of the tunnels had been pardoned off for – the mix of high society people and graffiti culture doesn’t mix very well. But if you can ignore those champagne sipping peeps in suits and diamonds, then it’s certainly a great night out!

Show’s open until the 25th of October so don’t miss out!

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