Thursday, 12 February 2009

London is....

I finally finished my latest project today!
- The latest bonus level for Tomb Raider: Underworld!

That was very welcome after such a stressful week of trying to get everything done in time.....

Next is going to be a Sony project, but before then some for Disney and Studio Canal.

I love my job. :)

I've been thinking about the City I live in lately.........if it's actually worth living here.
As I'm not from the UK originally, there is no other place here where I could live except for London.

But how good is the quality of life really here?

  • the streets and air is dirty
  • everything is expensive and 'no money' = lots of stress
  • you will spend most of what you make on necessary living expenses
  • the weather is crap
  • the food is not 'clean'
  • the place is heavily overcrowded
I could go on......

There is actually only ONE thing I can think of that makes it all worth it!


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