Saturday, 13 February 2010

Candid Spaces

I prepared myself to head up north today; first to Candid Spaces in Angel.
An art gallery slash coffee shop slash other things...

Above: Coffee shop

1. Studio space for artists / 2. Banquet room / 3. Gallery / 4. Garden

Then I was going to head further up north to Muswell Hill.
They have some of the best second hand shopping in London, best hamburgers ever in O'Neil's(!), as well as the most beautiful view over the city!

Then I realised it was Saturday, so instead I'm still in bed... Studying Egyptian symbolism and zodiacs.
The city is really a true hell-hole on the weekends and I tend to avoid it Sat/Sun as best as I can on those two days. I'll head out north on Monday instead.

1 comment:

Hanna said...

Bra tips! Bilderna från det där stället såg underbara ut. Och jag googlade Muswell Hill direkt.
Vad är det du gör här i London? Studerar konst gissar jag? CSM?