Friday, 5 February 2010

Past lives

Once I met a psychic in a park. He came up to me out of nowhere and after a while talking to him I started to trust that he was for real.
We ended up spending the whole afternoon together, talking about past lives, friends and family, and auras and chakras. He tried to teach me how to see other people's auras as well, and by the end of the night I started to see shapes over people's heads.
About my previous lives he told me that I once had lived as a fairly rich woman somewhere in France, but I was very unhappy. In another life I was a dancer in Egypt and I used to paint my breasts red as I was dancing.

Ever since this I have had a fascination about old Egyptian culture; hence the Egyptian theme in some of my art. I am about to start a new canvas with an Egyptian dancer now. Maybe her breasts will be red too!

Unfortunately I never met this guy again, but it will always be a nice memory.

A couple of pictures of my nightwalk in the City the other week:

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