Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Inspirational messy waves

Travels / grooming / working / learning new skills / going back to school / painting / making things / starting a business / scooters / party / selling / being wild & free / getting naked / going back to nature / buying a house / eat / friends ..............

I've got overloads of inspiration at the moment.
Too many things, ideas, dreams, and to-do's that I end up doing nothing.
I try making lists but hide them afterwards.
Nothing gets done.
I get job offers but don't reply because all of the sudden I no longer want them.
I want to do things but am alone in wanting them.
Wasting time is what I hate the most and my biggest fear.
Still it's what I fill my days with these days...

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SV: Ja, RIKTIGT jäkla skönt till & med :-) Men man ska inte säga för mycket... då blir det väl snöstorm lr något ;-) Tack! Jag hoppas också på att jag blir antagen... hade varit kul & göra ngt "nyttigt" också... haha