Friday, 19 March 2010

Animal spirits

Two beautiful works by Zilda and Laguna/Ever.

Laguna/Ever - painted in Almagro, Spain

Zilda - painted in Rennes, France

I've been searching for my animal spirit lately but don't know how to find him... It might be the deer, it's the animal I've been feeling the most connected to, but I'm still not quite sure.

Do you know yours?

They are meant to choose you, you don't choose one. Sometimes they come and go into your life. Sometimes they are very brief just to give you a little sign.
But there is one which stays by your side always, your Life Animal Guide, and that's the one I feel I want to get to know...


S t y l i s s i m o said...

I love those art pieces

Marie said...

would have thought you were a squirrrel =)

Think I'm a tiger. Since I already have a tiger tattooed on my shoulderblade I guess I should stick to that animal =P

also, I totally thought u meant looking at grafitti on the midnight stroll, not actually making new masterpieces, I'm no artist so don't think I'd be much help in that department I'm afraid! safe to say you're the artist! and a damn good one! =)