Sunday, 7 March 2010


So I've spent a couple of hours reading through other people's blogs, and I find this 'blogging' quite fascinating...
We don't know eachother but I still know everything (or, at least a lot) about your life and feelings; where you live and what you do; what you ate for breakfast and where you had your beer last night.
I find it interesting that I even bother reading it.

Why are we so interested in other people's lives?
Are we web-stalking, or simply bored with our own lives and need to read about other people's 'better lives'?

I like to keep my blog quite impersonal for two reasons:
1 - I've previously hurt people by adding too may intimate details
2 - I like to know that my friends knows me better than my blog readers

But tonight I will share some personal info (as personal as it goes for me)!

Swedish, but I havn't lived there since high school 6 years ago (you do the math). I have since lived in America, South Africa, Scotland, Wales and, for the last 4 years, London.

Best thing about London
You can be anonymous and don't feel like you are obligated to follow the trends.

Nothing and anything. Been working in nightclubs, on the street, in restaurants, and in offices. I'm now taking some time off to do painting full time.

Last thing I bought
Went to Coop for Nutella, I eat Nutella with a spoon... And I did the cigarette round for the house mates earlier.

Love at first sight?
I believe in attraction at first sight; love is a bit more complicated than looks.

Pepsi or Coke?
I hate branding and I rarely drink these kind of drinks, but if I had to choose, then I think Pepsi is too sweet.

A fear
Wasting time. Life is too precious not to do the things you want!

Virgo with ascendant Cancer.

Worst quality
My restlessness. I crave a 'home' but I'm unable to stay put in it as I constantly feel there is something new to experience.

Night activities
I do love the good ol' pub but I tend to not want to stop once I've started... Really like discovering the underground party scene in London too, with the best places being in the Old Street/Hackney area. Preferably in a warehouse.

Enough for now. If we meet one day you'll know more ;)
Time for some toast with hummus now. (There, now you know what I ate for dinner too!)


Kitty said...

Aw that was cute, I too not really into sharing myself but that was interesting ;)

Marie said...

I go back and forth about the personal vs the impersonal blog. Can't quite decide which one I wanna be. The reason I read other peoples blogs is cause I am way to curious for my own good!

Hanna said...

Så sant det där med bloggar, verkligen att alla kan läsa nästan allt om allas liv och varför gillar man det är ju verkligen märkligt..

Fin blogg du hade, och att äta nutella med är ju galet gott!