Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hunt Slonem

These pictures are from Hunt Slonem's studio in New York.
Not that into his art but I surely enjoyed the post by Selby!

The closing down sale in Putney's London Graphic Centre continues....
I went there today and picked up their last 2 Montana's as well as plenty of inks, markerpens and acrylics - all for 20 quid instead of 85!!

That's right - the sale has now gone down from 50% to 75% off!
Although there is not much left now, except for tiny acrylics, pens, fabric paints and paper.

(Sale is on until March the 31st.)

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FUN AND FEARLESS IN BARCELONA - Livet vid Medelhavet said...

SV: heheheh nu ska vi inte va såna ;) de va suuupergott ;D